HCTA is a co-educational hospitality management school offering higher vocational education programs that is established by Daw Khin Kyi Foundation. We are non-profit training centre empowering the youths with education and vocational training, not only creating job opportunities but also supplying the rapid demand of Tourism and Hotel Industry.

HCTA provides instruction in bilingual (Burmese and English) to students of any race, nationality, sex, color, religion or creed who have successfully passed the academy’s entrance examinations. We expose our students to a broad range of hospitality courses covering the inter-related areas of the travel & tourism industry, by means of theoretical and practical work within the school and by regular periods of internship in recognized hotels, restaurants or related institutions.

Students’ intellectual abilities are further developed through the vocational education component of the programs. Our objective is to train and educate students to a level of all round competence in the varied operations of the hospitality industry. Graduates of HCTA, having developed competence in a range of both technical and soft skills, will be able to progress through the ranks of the management hierarchy.

The environment at the school promotes and encourages students to work together in a team to improve inter-personal skills. Graduates of HCTA may therefore embark upon their careers with confidence, armed with knowledge, basic experience and inter-personal skills which allow them to successfully face career challenges.

Hospitality and Catering Training Academy sets high standards for vocational education within the world of hospitality. The school impacts students’ behavior, attitude and approach to hospitality and to the essence of service.
The mission of HCTA is to provide a “transformative vocational education.” Our competency based training curriculum develops students’ competencies, general knowledge and practical skills for immediate relevance to the hospitality sector.

This sector has been growing over the recent years and employs more than thousands of people today.

Today, HCTA contributes actively to the standards of excellence in hospitality and service. We are committed to preparing tomorrow’s leaders for success. We develop their work ethics, entrepreneurial spirit and creative thinking. We teach them how to make a difference with professionalism.

“HCTA is not just a school, it is a way of life”. We bring together students, staff and faculty from different backgrounds. We come together in an inspiring environment at Kaw Hmu , a family-like atmosphere, where we learn how to be open and respectful of each other’s differences. We embody the values of professionalism, team work and solidarity. We also provide a life-long learning experience and professional network.

We are very proud of our students at HCTA and we always look forward to seeing them become the future ambassadors of hospitality around the world.